Real Estate Crowdfunding

  • Real Estate Crowdfunding

    “Opening new doors for real estate investors around the world”

  • Who we are

    Japan's leading real estate crowdfunding platform, LC GROUP, enables global investors and Japanese real estate to connect directly.

    Logicom, Inc. is a Tokyo-based property management company originally founded in the western part of Tokyo in 1987. It specializes in real estate of retail and logistics, and currently manages 80 retail and 60 logistics properties among others.

    LC Partners, Inc. is an asset management company founded in 2009. It currently manages real estate funds of hotels anad retails, and has implemented crowdfunding since 2012.

    LC Lending, Inc. is a real estate crowdfunding platform provider founded in December 2014. As of September 2016, it has executed 162 finances, with an outstanding balance of approximately USD 50 million.

  • Providing ONE-STOP SERVICE for real estate investment

    *Logicom, LC Partners, LC Lending are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of LC Holdings, Inc.

  • Why Japan ?

    Japan is the most popular investment destination since 2014 (*1)

    • ・High yield gap
    • ・Large market and high liquidity
    • ・Optimistic economic growth
    • ・Positive impact of weaker Japanese Yen
    • ・Matured and stable social system

    (*1) Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2015; PwC and Urban Land Institute

  • Why LC Partners ?

    We are the largest asset manager with a real estate crowdfunding platform in Asia (*2)

    • ・One-Stop real estate investment service
    • ・Professional team with financial and real estate expertise
    • ・Attractive property portfolio
    • ・Accredited investment management business license by FSA

    (*2) Current AUM = approximately 281 million USD (as of September 2016)