Investing in lifestyle and social infrastructure real estate
assets that enrich lives in local areas

LC Partners – Creating a socially-responsible REIT

The REIT organized by the LC Group aims to maintain a stable portfolio of real estate assets necessary for the implementation of policies promoted by the national and regional governments. In addition to acquiring assets indispensable to the daily lives of local community and society, which has already been actively pursued to date, the REIT will also invest in targeted real estate that promotes local employment and facilitates the betterment of society at a regional level.

The primary investment targets of the REIT are lifestyle-oriented commercial and social facilities, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities in suburban areas, where asset sizes were traditionally small and often overlooked. These facilities are indispensable to supporting the lives of residents in rural areas, and can be considered to be ‘living infrastructure’ assets. From the strategic viewpoint of supporting the lifestyles in suburban regions, we believe that it is of great significance to society to hold, manage, and continually improve these facilities in a long-term and stable manner through the REIT.

Investing in real estate facilities supporting the development and growth of suburban regional areas is the second pillar of the REIT. Part of the REIT strategy is to develop portfolio assets into local and regional growth engines that promote sustainable socio-economic growth. This serves to further a mission of revitalizing local communities and regional economies, supporting Japan as a whole.

Going beyond solely pursuing investment returns through rents, the REIT manager will collaborate with tenants, asset users and stakeholders working on-site, utilizing the real estate management expertise that the LC Group has cultivated over many years, with the ultimate goal of maximizing both asset and stakeholder value.

The role of the REIT in strategic growth

Contributing to local/regional growth strategies
We believe that local areas and regions are “places where people should live fulfilling and healthy lives” rather than just suburbs

Infrastructure that support the daily lives of residents in suburban areas and regions

  • Real estate that supports the daily lives of those in suburban areas and regions
  • Effective utilization of public real estate*1

[Role in Stability of Daily Life]

  • Hospitals and medical treatment-related facilities
    (Regional medical treatment and health care services supported by health insurance)
  • Nursing care and welfare facilities
  • Logistics facilities and warehouses

*1 Optimization of existing facilities
Acquire facilities that are highly susceptible to achieving optimization of operational and financial management through targeted intervention

Facilities that promote local and regional growth

  • Facilities essential for local and regional economic development
  • Effective utilization of public real estate*2

[Roles in Local and Regional Growth]

  • Hospitals and medical treatment-related facilities (Health care services not covered by insurance)
    (Examples: Health checkups , medical tourism and anti-aging treatments)
  • Facilities that effectively utilize public real estate

*2 Operational improvements and job creation
We aim to revitalize suburban areas/regions and create new job opportunities by improving the utilization of public facilities and carrying out developments that optimizing the use of public land.

Value Creation

Creating value in local areas and regions, looking beyond simple profits

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Promoting local and regional economic growth
Stimulating local areas and regions - Energizing Japan!