• President / Chief Executive Officer Tsutomu Koyama

    University College London / Msc in Construction Economics and Management

    Tsutomu Koyama worked on product development and business planning for condominium development projects at Daikyo Inc. followed by due diligence of bad debt at Creed Co., Ltd. From 2000, he was involved with research, analysis and consulting works on real estate investment funds and J-REIT at the Real Estate Investment Research Department of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Research Institute Co., Ltd. From 2002, he joined daVinci Advisors, where his work included asset management, product development and management of core funds. He managed 2 opportunistic funds (Managed assets: to 10 to 14 billion) and 3 core funds (Managed assets: ¥11 to 19 billion). In 2004, he took up the post of Board Director for Investment Management at daVinci Select and worked on acquiring approval and licensing for management corporations, product development of investment corporations, and IPO and portfolio composition of DA office investment corporation (J-REIT). Since 2006, he has been involved with unlisted corporation investments and alliance-listed stock investments. He was in charge of investing in Jomo Co., Ltd. (current KACHIKAIHATSU) and Japan Single Resident Asset Management (REIT investment management company). In November 2007, he became the President of Columbus Co., Ltd. He worked on corporate opportunity funds as the Chief Investment Officer. In 2009, he launched LC Partners and serves as President and CEO.

  • Head of Real Estate Investments Shinya Kihara

    University of Birmingham / MBA
    Certified Real Estate Consulting Master

    Shinya Kihara is the Head of Asset Management at LC Partners since 2012.
    After working for a major Japanese construction company, his career as an asset manager started at Capital Advisors in 2003 when he was in charge of a fund jointly operated with Grosvenor, the largest real estate company in the UK. In 2004, he jointed daVinci Advisors and delivered an outstanding investment performance as an asset manager of one of the largest discretionary real estate investment funds in Japan (AUM: USD2.5 billion). Shinya has more than 15 years experience in the finance and real estate industries, and over 10 years of management experience in japanese and international asset managers.

  • Managing Director / Head of Business Development Makoto Nakanishi

    Bond University / MBA & MSc in International Hotel and Resort Management

    Makoto Nakanishi is the Head of Business Development at LC Partners since 2014.
    Before joining LC Partners, He was a business development manager at DHL Express Indonesia responsible for developing and managing relationships with Japanese customers in the Indonesian market. His prior experience include real estate underwriting for CMBS deals at Morgan Stanley Securities, private placement fund launches and a REIT IPO, as well as asset management at major real estate asset management company daVinci Advisors.

  • Chief Compliance Officer Kazuya Kagamihara

    The University of Tokyo / Bachelor of laws
    ARES-certified Master of Real Estate Securitization

    Kazuya Kagamihara is Chief Compliance Officer of LC Partners since September 2016.
    In addition to his abundant experience in compliance and legal related works at investment management companies, He has a strong background in funds as well, namely organization of foreign investment funds and LPS. He was a compliance officer at an independent real estate investment advisory company, prior to taking post as Chief Compliance Officer at LC Partners.

Healthcare Investment Department

  • Head of Healthcare Investments Kazuhisa Hashimoto

    Doshisha University

    Kazuhisa Hashimoto has extensive experience improving the cash flow of hospitals by introducing organizational improvement programs and cost optimizations as the business planning office manager. He has improved more than 50 acute-care, long-term care and psychiatric hospitals and provided consulting and M&A assistance to a number of nursing care facilities. Prior to joining LC Partners, he also served as a board member of various medical and social welfare corporations and was involved in their business restructuring.

  • Senior Manager Yoshihide Mori

    Seikei University

    Yoshihide Mori joined the Tokyo Star Bank in 2001, where he had several roles including the positions of branch manager of the Yaesu and Yokohama station branches, department manager of the Head Office Sales Promotion department and VP in the corporate finance division. In 2012, he was department manager of the Consulting Division at Medinell Corporation of the Ein group, where he was in charge of planning hospital restoration projects, hospital management and factoring.

  • Manager Masaki Takeuchi

    Shibaura Institute of Technology

    Masaki Takeuchi served as the general manager and administrator in charge of the sale of an acute care hospital from 2008. In 2010, he transferred to another acute care hospital, where he was in charge of general work related to the construction of a new building in the Corporate Planning Department, he also implemented organizational improvements to operations and personnel systems. Since 2013, he has been in executive and advisory roles as director of a number of medical corporations where he has overseen the implementation of operation improvement, cost reduction and cash flow optimization programs.

  • Manager Yuki Ohta

    Keio University

    From 2010, Yuki Ohta was engaged in business improvement and revitalization in Japanese management Co., Ltd. focusing on small and medium private hospitals, he has worked with more than 70 rehabilitation, mixed-care, psychiatric and general medical hospitals. In addition to reducing costs, optimizing fee structures, reorganizing ward functions, improving disease control systems and drug supplier management, he has experience in restructuring rehabilitation planning, and finance support. He has been a lecturer at a number of healthcare business seminars, and is a medical consultant for financial institutions.

Healthcare Investment Advisors

  • Hiroyuki Watanabe

    Watanabe Clinic Director
    Doctor of Medicine

    Hiroyuki Watanabe graduated with a degree in medicine from Saitama Medical University, and later attained specialist accreditation from the Japanese Society of Neurosurgery in 2001. He graduated in 2002 from the St. Maryanna School of Medicine graduate school with a doctorate in medicine. In the same year, he studied at the Brain and Spinal Injury Center of Neurosurgery at the University of California, San Francisco. He was a member of the faculty of St. Maryanna Medical University from 2005 and was appointed Deputy Director of Watanabe Clinic in 2009, where he is the current Clinic Director.

  • Yoshito Date

    Associate Professor at Keio University School of Policy
    CEO of Eagle Matrix Corporation

    Yoshito Date is the CEO of Eagle Matrix Corporation and Associate Professor at Keio University School of Policy and Media. He serves on the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Healthcare Annuance Frontier Bureau as a Project Advisor. His prior experience includes serving as an Executive Advisor for Hitachi Consulting and a management consultant at Bearing point. He works with healthcare companies that focus on IT solutions in unexplored and undeveloped areas. He is also an independent healthcare advisor to a major consulting firm.

  • Takenori Inomata

    Doctor of Medicine
    MBA(Boston University)

    Takenori Inomata graduated from the Juntendo University School of Medicine in 2006.
    He obtained an MBA from Questrom School of Business at Boston University during his residency at Harvard University 's Skypens Eye Laboratory.
    In 2015 he was assistant professor at the Juntendo University Hospital Ophthalmology Department, and from 2016 served in the Juntendo Univeristy Hospital Management Office, where he was part of the strategic operating facility management improvement program.
    He is currently involved in the business management of a number of research,clinical, education and university facilities.